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  • EARTH 017

    After working in the Fashion Industry for over 10 years, she enrolled at Sint-Lucas to study Interior Design from which she graduated with honours. This led to a position at Axel Vervoordt Company, where she had the opportunity to work at the highest level during 6 years. Multiple international projects, including a yacht ‘Fountainhead’, a bombardier global xrs, a penthouse in Tribeca for Robert De Niro and many others. These experiences proved fundamental in perfecting her eye & evoked a passion for honest materials.


    A new chapter started in 2016, when she developed an interest in Ceramics. Studying at ABKA allowed her to perfect her skills while freely exploring the medium.


    She starts with a clear idea in her mind, but is focussed enough to recognise when unexpected beauty presents itself.
    Her intuition is the key to this process where the journey defines the outcome. The work is characterised by a smooth monochrome glazing, constituting of endless shades of milky whites. A special interest for geometric forms, repetitions and proportions can be dis- covered throughout her work. Objects that are true to themselves and reveal the soul of the clay.

    • Technical information

      Materials: Clay with with patina made of minerals, metal oxides and rocks.

      Dimensions: L. 24 cm - W. 25 cm

    • Orders

      All pieces are unique and handmade in Brussels.

      Shipping after full payment in consultation with the client.

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